I started playing League of Legends in April of 2010. The first champion I “mained” was Ezreal; this was back when Ezreal had a heal for those who remember that madness. After playing Ezreal for a long time I wanted to learn how to jungle as it was a lot less monotonous than laning. During Season 1 somebody named SorakaBot from the EU server found out how to jungle with Evelynn, who was regarded as the most useless champion at the time. Jungle Evelynn became very strong and widely banned. I took his idea and changed the runes and masteries slightly to my liking, taking Ignite and Smite over Revive and Smite. Riot then changed Evelynn a bit and made it impossible to jungle with her using SorakaBot’s setup, but my setup continued to work. Eventually Riot nerfed her into the ground and made her basically unplayable… this is when I picked up Shaco. When I was playing Evelynn I loved the stealth mechanic and how many mind games were involved when playing a stealthy character so when she was no longer viable I decided to try out Shaco. At the time, Reginald had a Shaco guide and I thought he was a really fun looking champion. At first I was horrible with him, as we all are when playing a new champion, but I quickly fell in love with his kit. It took me a while to figure out his tricks and figure out his damage and interactions with other champions, but I stuck with him. To this day the only champion I would say I am truly good at is the clown.

You can find me streaming over at my Twitch channel most of the time I am playing. You can always stop by and ask any questions you have about Shaco or if you just wanna see some Shaco gameplay!

Season Rankings

– Season 1 Gold
– Season 2 Silver
– Season 3 Gold
– Season 4 Platinum
– Season 5 Diamond
– Season 6 Platinum
– Season 7 Unranked
– Season 8 Platinum